Jill Bliss

underseahouseOriginally from Northern California, Jill Bliss is an artist, designer and crafter who now calls Portland, Oregon home. She loves: rainy days, overcast weather, moss, and trees. She adores the natural world and handmade processes. This is evident in everything she does, from illustrations depicting native plants, to art exploring the idiosyncracies of the natural world. Jill’s signature look embraces meticulous lines, playful color, and attention to small details. She uses sustainable products as much as she can, and hopes to inspire others to create a more thoughtful art and design industry that focuses on local economies, fair practices, reusable materials, and less consumption.

This piece is titled: “The Undersea House Gocco Print.” It is two gocco prints in one. The main image is made with a 6×9″ Gocco unit, while the “window” is a standard 4×6″ Gocco print stitched in place.
$40.00 USD
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