Khristian A. Howell

Khristian A. Howell is determined to live each day doing what she loves. Right now that includes surface design, graphic design, and photography. She feels that with each day, each step in the adventure as a working artist gets better and better, and she learns more about herself and how she sees the world.

This piece is titled: “Cupid’s Kiss.” It is a signed fine art photograph of the iconic ferris wheel that once lived at the end of the champs elysees. Shot on film and not digitally altered. Available on fine kodak lustre paper and stretched canvas.

print 8.5×11″ $22.00 USD
print 16×24” $51.00 USD
print 20×30″ $65.00 USD
canvas 16×24″ $120.00 USD
canvas 20×30″ $175.00 USD
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