If you feel your work is in keeping with what you see here, tell us about it!

What gets extra-special attention? Unique pieces that have a story, evoke a specific feeling or have a hint of nostalgia–be it through the use of beautiful colors, a twist on tradition, or a sense of humor. Thoughtful is good; quirky, even better–you get the picture. “Standard” sized artwork is appreciated and so are original works and those printed by hand. Because of the nature of the online medium, subtle/faded colors with little contrast and faint lines do not represent well.

How do artists benefit? The second most important aspect of making a living as an artist (beside talent) is exposure. Thoughtful consideration is made into publicizing the website and hence, your artwork. Your payments will help offset the cost of effective advertising, marketing and public relations.

If sounds like something you’d fancy being a part of, please send us a few images of your work along with a link to your website or shop. Please note that at this time, a minimum of 8-10 pieces need to be available for any displayed prints. This is to ensure that the item will not sell out immediately and leave an empty spot on the wall. If you have original work, 3 pieces with a similar size/look/and feel are needed. If accepted, the curator and project-coordinator will work with each artist to pick the best piece to be displayed on the next Art Wall. Each “room” and hence, your artwork, will be visible for 12 total months.

Art Wall was created to be affordable for artists. The fee for display is $20/month. Payments can be made every 4 months @$80.00 via Paypal. A discount is available for those who prepay in full.